UFO Reports

I have a friend who was producing radio call in shows in the late 1970’s one night they started getting ufo reports from all along the north east coast here

object moving quickly and showed up on radar at the airport

intelligence service took away the master tape of the show and told them not to coverthe topic again

Is It Possible To Physically Astral Project?

I wrote this in response to the question :

That really depends on your definition of astral projection. It isn’t something I have experimented with. I’ve done some shamanic journeys and soul retrieval along the way but it was in meditation.

I took a trip to New Zealand to do a meditation in a cave at one point so that is location specific meditation

So the question then becomes something like is the astral plane interwoven with the physical or is it separate?

The only way that travel between planes is possible would be some kind of connection point or method to connect.

at which point the planes become interwoven

The connection may be temporary but for astral projection to happen it must exist.

I had to travel to that specific location physically to do that particular meditation,it wouldn’t have happened in the same way anywhere else.

A maori prophetess used to live in the cave – it had a very specific history.

Ok cool. So the trip to New Zealand was physical and part of the process I was in – so my answer turns out to be yes,it is possible.

The cave had a green glow to the walls. I sat down and lit a couple of candles and then opened myself up.
The meditation itself I would describe as soul retrieval, reaching out for any parts of my soul which had been scattered across time and space to return. It was a very moving experience and I started to receive a download of information – diagrams and schematics.