Reiki And Artificial Intelligence

I’ve set up discord servers with voice chat empowered with reiki – that works as a healing process so AI could be part of the process aswell. Keeping in mind that without the human element there is no process to be part of.
The most important element is human intention and focus everything else is a way to direct that process but technology does that quite well now. There is a place for both AI and Virtual Reality

Reiki And Manifestation

When using reiki for manifestation it takes on the quality of your dominant thought. This is a characteristic of manifestation itself and not specific to reiki. The thought or feeling could be conscious or subconscious – if there is something still lurking below the surface from childhood that will be the dominant thought until it is shifted / healed so the manifestation shows you that something still needs work. It is making the process obvious so that we deal with any residual issues.
I hope that is clear enough – based on my experience. The healing process is both internal and external (philosophical,psychological,biological,social and economic).